Back it Up

No, I am not referring to anything licentious, least of all “dat ass.” I am referring to my laptop, which is currently giving me digital middle fingers. I am unable to find the root cause of said issues, though I have searched hard for them. I might have to actually reformat the entire laptop, erasing everything on it.

When it comes to data, I am a hoarder. It’s almost sad. I expect an intervention to occur at any moment. Pictures, converted videos, music, old writings, video game emulators I’ve used once, licensing information for my job, guided meditation worksheets, random written research (in outline form) on everything from Elizabeth Bathory to Arctic foxes…the list could go on and on. Like any hoarder, it’s all stuff I plan to use one day, but don’t actually use all that often. I do use it for everyday use and writing and internet access, and there’s some important stuff on there, but a lot of it is stuff I don’t want to part with but could.

When my computer started acting angry with me, I deleted a few things, made sure that good stuff was on my portable 16GB USB, and did some elimination. The problem persisted — no matter what I do, the C drive says it’s full. I have looked online, deleted temp files of all sorts, am compressing everything, deleting more and more, defragmented the thing, and the problem persists. By my account, even with programs, I should have a little over 60GB used, and I should have a great deal more memory available. Luckily, when it was clear that my computer was throwing a temper tantrum, I managed to get everything. I back everything up regularly, not only on my desktop, but on my external hard drive and USB.

I was not so wise once. My first computer ever caught a legitimate virus and I lost so much. I did a lot of writing at that time and I would back them up on these little colored diskettes. The Fates decided to screw me without lube, dinner, or even an introduction, and not only did the computer crash (requiring a full reset), the stupid diskettes decided to give out on me. I lost 2.5 chapters of something I was struggling with anyway. (I’ve mentioned this project before as something I still think is genuinely absorbing and good, but that was doomed to the chest. I will bring it out eventually, rest assured.) It took me forever to rewrite those chapters, and I’m convinced they are significantly better than they were, but it took me months to recover mentally from all that loss.

Since then, I obsessively save everything. Adding to this, an writer acquaintance of mine (I have mentioned her fantastic advice of not letting an editor change your voice before) had someone try to take one of her novellas, change one of the male characters to female, and try to publish it. One of her fans alerted her to what was happening, she e-mailed the publisher immediately, that publisher halted publication, etc., etc. Most writers have this irrational fear of their work being stolen and/or plagiarized it almost never happens (damnable file sharing sites aside). But my friend had to prove that the work was hers, up to an including showing revisions she made with her editor and the time stamp on the files (if I remember right).

This, like her aforementioned advice, has stuck with me and likely always will. Consequently, I have entire folders devoted to dated, unrevised drafts of my work. I have this backed up in three places. I have learned the hard way, and though I treat my computers well and they last me far longer than expected (perhaps this is my real problem), I back everything up. Multiple times. Don’t let a feisty, pissy, angry, or weary old computer wreck you. Back your data up. Frequently. In more than one place.

I am not worried or horrified at this old laptop deciding to be cruel. It can surely be fixed and I have everything stored. It will be nothing more than an inconvenience. I refuse to go through that nonsense again. Don’t’ be an idiot like I was. Back. It. Up.


~ by Darren Endymion on February 8, 2016.

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