Mystery Solved, Victory Elusive

I mentioned on Twitter that I had achieved a very rare and dreaded state for me (and for most writers): writer’s block. I am rarely afflicted with this mental bane, but rather am usually struck by the Truckload of Laziness. That I am at least used to.

At least I realized what I was doing wrong finally. I usually have a pretty good sense of my characters, and I had these two guys doing something they absolutely, unequivocally would never do. They would be courting death, essentially. One of them MIGHT do it because he’s impetuous and full of the brash, single-minded stupidity of youth. The other would never…and I mean NEVER do what I had him doing.

I think it says something that my mind balked at going any further, and I’m glad for it. We’ve all probably read books or seen movies where a character does something and you’re thinking to yourself, “Now, who thought that this would be a good idea? S/he would never do that!” It’s a cheat, and when someone does it, it’s usually because the plot’s momentum requires that something specific happen, and the author needs to sort of force it. It’s easier of course to make a character do what you want, but it feels…dirty almost. The answer is to make it happen a different way or to rewrite the scene. Since this is disagreeable, one is tempted to just leave it and move on. Now, I mentioned that I’m lazy, and that’s true, but I’m not lazy like that. That’s pretty much being a hack and I owe it to myself and any potential readers to be honest.

However, I haven’t figured out what to do instead. It’s a problem, yes, but I’d rather spend more time trying to figure it out than plow forward. Unfortunately, NOTHING is coming to me. So, I’m trying to skip ahead. Where do I want this to end overall? What am I leading toward? How can I further this novel in this scene?

I’ve still got nothing. I never get this blocked, and it’s disconcerting. Maybe I need to go back even further. Maybe there’s a problem earlier on, which leads me to this dead end. One of the issues is that many of the people have their own hidden agendas which I need to remain true to, even if they don’t come out until much later (or in one case, not until the next book). Honestly, I think it’s more that work and life have intruded and I’ve had little time to sit down and reason it out. I will, though. And it will be fine. But in the meantime, I’ve got a mental block that’s making me want to chew through my monitor. Wish me luck. *bleh*

~ by Darren Endymion on February 12, 2016.

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