Too Much Salt

I’m always talking about a certain Buddhist meditation/book/audio book by Sharon Salzberg in which she describes the problems in life as salt. She says that you have no control over how much salt comes your way, but you do have control over the size of the vessel it goes into. Meaning, of course, that if you expand your mind and horizons and perceptions, you are able to deal with just about anything.

I agree with this fully and so I try to deal when some salt comes my way. However, sometimes it comes at you, not like assholes throwing rice at you after a wedding, sprinkling salt on you as you pass them by onto better things, but rather they back a dump truck up to your tea cup of water and, while dumping all that salt in your cup, they proceed to beat the shit out of you with a horse-sized salt lick in a sling. This happened to me very recently, and when that much salt comes your way, it becomes increasingly hard to expand the size of your mind to deal with this annoyance in time to let its impact be negligible.

However, it’s not impossible. Since the main source of salt in my life comes from work, I took a day off. I was *cough* “sick”. Normally, playing hooky isn’t like me, but I really needed this. In fact, I liked it so much that I took the next day off…and the next. I had a general doctor’s appointment today anyway, so I used that as evidence that I was indeed very badly off.

In that time off I had the mental O about my writing, I meditated, I exercised, I calmed myself, and (possibly of the largest importance) I made a list of everything I need to do to get out of not only that job but out of everything that is currently dumping salt into my life. That’s the real lesson, though, and if I needed three days off to deal with it, to come to terms with it, then it’s a small price to pay. I call in “sick” maybe once a year, usually less, so it’s not like my employment is in any danger.

By planning ways to get myself out of the situation rather than just whining about it, I was able to expand that thimble full of water into a lake within a day or so. Bring on the salt, bitches. By focusing on my writing, I was able to open a portal to another world into which I can escape at any time, thereby not only furthering my goals, but rendering the real world temporarily, blessedly irrelevant. More salt, whores! My meditation, reading, chatting, and exercise gave me an outlet to blow off the steam. Is that all the salt you’ve got?!

And so there really is no such thing as too much salt. Sometimes your cup is just too little. There’s always a way out, and things can always get better.


~ by Darren Endymion on March 3, 2016.

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