Mondays are Gonna Suck…

…for doing anything productive, anyway. I’m not a big TV freak. There are shows I love (like Salem on the WGN), that I am woefully behind on. I’m not even halfway through season 2 and season 3 is about to start. I have Shark Week from last year still clogging up my DVR. I have the final 5 episodes of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on my DVR. I had to delete an entire season of Face Off and then some because it was backing things up. I have TV intentions, but I fall short of the reality. I’m watching American Idol because it’s the last season and I’m actually really enjoying it despite my previous disenchantment (I’m looking at you, Taylor Hicks). I loved Hannibal, but haven’t finished the first season. Watching TV shows are like a commitment to me, and it feels like an obligation after a while.

When it comes to TV, I’m someone who thinks he’s a serial monogamist but is actually a giant whore. Salem, Gotham, Flash, Hannibal, shit… even the old-ass cartoons for Teen Titans and She-Ra …they all go down as series I loved and wanted to watch before the time investment became too much. The commitment scared me off, so I fixed that by being a whore with a new series.

The only shows I have ever been able to keep up on while they air are American Horror Story and Bates Motel (though last season was iffy in the middle). Bates Motel tonight was amazing and sets up for so much. I don’t know where, but I read that they only intend to go for 5 seasons and so we will see a further decline in Norman’s psyche between this season and next, if it is truly meant to be the last.

Then we have Damien. I watched the premier tonight and really liked it. The reviews are just mean, though, and most of them aren’t objective at all (if you remember, Bates Motel got terrible reviews initially). Part of it stems from taking an old property and making it new, bringing it into the current decade. And it’s not like horror gets a fair chance anyway. What I do agree with is that the show seems to flounder a little, like it doesn’t know where it wants to go. Will Damien fight against his evil nature, or will he give in? I think that’s pretty much the plot, though, and I’m hoping that the series does well.

With Bates Motel we know how it will end. Norman doesn’t get out unscathed and Norma doesn’t make it out…unless you count as a mummified, stuffed corpse in the basement. Norman is out and running the motel and Norma and her boyfriend (Sheriff Romero? We don’t know yet.) are dead by Norman’s hands. Psycho, the movie on which Bates Motel is based, is an end point. The Omen is Damien’s beginning.

As a quasi-writer I can say that knowing where you will go allows you to drop hints, foreshadow, and to have a path. Before Winter’s Trial was published I had written a lame, shallow attempt at Taylor’s story. While ashamed of that beastly waste now, and while many of the things have changed about it, it gave me an idea of where I was going. From that original story, though largely abandoned, I had a jumping off point and so was able to map the past. Knowing where I’m going allows me to have a plan. Things change and alter, and so the end result is fluid, but I have direction.

I hope that Damien does, too, because it has potential. Meander too much and people like me, TV series whores, will blink away. Hell, it’s not like I don’t have at least three other shows (and Shark Week) that I loved and could watch again at any time. Still, for the next few weeks, Mondays are likely to be taken up by Bates Motel, Damien, and maybe even some sharks, witches, or She-Ra while I’m feeling in a series-watching mood. Very little will actually get done, it seems.


~ by Darren Endymion on March 7, 2016.

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