I Can’t Believe I’m HERE!

So, I’m here in the city. My first plane ride was fine…after a bit. I was insanely keyed up and nervous but had the fortune of sitting next to a delightful couple. She was very nice and we chatted a bit. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t take a Xanax as the plane started to move, but then laughed at myself (albeit in a very calm, relaxed manner). There was nothing to it.

I landed…and had no idea what to do. Haha. It was insane. Like I had never used Uber before. So, I did all that and talked the poor man’s ear off. He was very nice and enthusiastic and didn’t even seem to judge me when I made about 6,000 comparisons between this state and California. He dropped me off, I checked into my hotel (which I switched from the one by the airport so that I could be closer to the stuff I wanted to do), and was in my room for all of 10 minutes before taking off.

My ex found out that I was going to visit this city, and in his admitted jealousy said that I probably wouldn’t leave my hotel room. I didn’t do it to prove him wrong, but rather because I was starving. One of my best friends and I are always talking about ditching responsibilities and going to Denny’s. It has become a byword for a haven, a place away from the stupidity of everything. And, of course, there’s a Denny’s visible from my room window. Could that BE more appropriate? Probably not. So, even though there’s plenty of other places to eat, I ate there. It seemed right somehow.

After, I wanted to check out some place close to my hotel room, but I wasn’t sure that my leg and throbbing Achilles heel would let me walk the few tiny blocks to where I wanted to go. But the map said that it would take 9 minutes by foot. Hell, I could do that. So, I did…and my leg hurt, but like 30% of what it normally does. And then it sort of went away. It was amazing. I walked and walked and walked.

Unfortunately, the place I was going to had ceased to exist in the meantime. Bummer, but that’s what I get for using an old website. So, I called Uber and the almost indecently nice guy took me to the “happening place” in the city (so he said and was eventually corroborated with). I walked around there but didn’t feel like going into a dive bar for long and I had just eaten, so no food. I found another place I wanted to visit almost a mile away and thought about Ubering it again. Instead, I decided to walk. My legs hurt, my Achilles tendons hurt, and my lower back hurts, but I made it. I had fun where I was, but there was a feeling that Thursday nights may not be the optimal time for it to really come alive.

Finally, I summoned Uber again and rode with a wonderfully nice lady (with whom I made some ridiculously awkward conversation initially), and she told me all the places to go and really see the city. She dropped me off, I chatted online, and decided to write this, passing out in the process. Now I am holding on to the last threads of consciousness. On my first night I have done more than I thought I would in two or three days. I’ve explored, walked, talked to people, chatted, and found some good stuff from locals.

The air here is ridiculously clean. It was bitingly cold and wonderful. All I kept saying to myself is, “I’m home. I’ve come home.” I suspect the overwhelming experiences of the day have made me biased, so I shall roam and see more tomorrow. And I can’t wait.

Wish me luck!


~ by Darren Endymion on April 15, 2016.

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