Another Writing Quote

Okay, this one is going to earn me some derision, but hear me out. You’ve gotta trust me on this one. I love Sailor Moon, and when I get particularly down a sure fire way to pick myself up is to watch it or to watch/read Harry Potter. However, I recently watched an episode of Sailor Moon Super S which slapped the hell out of my sensibilities.

In the episode, a book has come out which has taken Japan by storm. It turns out that Lita (Sailor Jupiter) knew the author, Tomoko, when they were students. In fact, Lita was Tomoko’s beta reader. Buckling under the pressure of her fame and the destruction of her original inspiration, Tomoko is holed up in her house refusing to talk to anyone, missing her deadlines, not writing, unable to do anything, and refusing to talk to anyone. Lita isn’t having it, and that’s where my quote happens.

Lita waits until everyone is gone, stands outside Tomoko’s door, and begins shouting at her like a pissed off barbarian. Lita’s ghetto-ass shouting kicked me right in the chest. She says:


“Come to the window and stop hiding! You used to write such beautiful stories, but because of your shyness, only you and your desk drawer were allowed to enjoy [them]. Maybe it wasn’t shyness; maybe you’re just a coward! If there’s just one person out there who enjoys reading your stories, isn’t that a good enough reason to keep writing more? That was your dream, wasn’t it, Tomoko? The world you created in your stories isn’t just yours anymore!”


Yeah, it’s a little puerile when written out like that, but it still hits home and did even before I ever published a sentence. I’m hardly an incredibly popular writer, even in my genre, but I do have a few fans. When you read the few reviews for my novel, the general consensus is that people were touched by it. There were more than a few references about my novel making people laugh and cry.

The most heinous example of this latter is a woman I knew through an online group. She was about to undergo chemotherapy and was saving my book for that time. She got to the part where most people cry and was reportedly sobbing her eyes out…when her daughter walked in the room. Of course, her daughter freaked the hell out and was eventually able to get it out of her why she was crying. A bit later she relayed this information to me in an e-mail, and if I remember right, she was both touched and amused by her daughter’s reactions. (And I’m happy to report that she is now in remission).

People who read it generally wanted more. One reviewer mentioned that she had read the book and came looking for the next (since it’s pretty clear that there will be another one) and was disappointed to find out that there wasn’t another one after all this time. It’s like when Lita yelled at Tomoko that the world she created isn’t just hers anymore.

Not only that, but Lita also said that it was Tomoko’s dream to write and she wasn’t doing it. That’s me. How often have I lamented that I’m not doing it at all? I’ve also realized, fully and totally, what’s stopping me. It’s so obvious that it’s laughable and so sad that it’s tragic (I’ll be going into it more in my next blog entry).

I used to make CDs and playlists where I would put a sound byte from a show or movie before a song whose content or artist humorously reflected the quote. When I first decided to move out on my own, I went deeper with the quotes and some of the music and titled the playlist Last Night in the Nursery, after something Wendy says in Peter Pan. It was, of course, a sign of growing up. I am making another one, primed for my next big change. The title is still about growing up, but more about changing and becoming more of the person I want to be.

Lita’s quote will definitely be on there.


~ by Darren Endymion on May 2, 2016.

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