Friday the 13th? Fabulous!

As anyone who has met me (or read here for any length of time) knows, I love horror movies. Therefore, Friday the 13th is like a damned holiday to me. Unfortunately, there is only one of them this year, so I plan to make the most of it.

It’s something I’ve done for a while and always enjoy, no matter my level of involvement with the actual movies. It involves food, drinks, movies, and just stupid fun. It’s a constant, and something my friends all know I do. I suspect that, if they talk about me tomorrow, they will say, “Oh. It’s Friday the 13th. I know what he’s doing.” I send out texts like it’s a genuine holiday. I’m a horror nerd and proud of it.

Usually, I watch a marathon of Friday the 13th, from the time it took itself seriously, to the comedic, to the huntsman style of the remake with a distressingly clothed Jared Padalecki (and the character of Trent, the inspiration for Tim in my novel Winter’s Trial). I have never made it through all the movies in one day, nor do I think I would wish to. I have work, nap time, meals to have, and, well, I’ve seen them all several times. Someday, I’m really going to go for it, take the day off, and try to get through them all. It would be nice to have someone to do it with, but I’m okay alone.

I try to do a themed menu. Bloody Marys are usually the drink of choice or essentially anything red. Since I’ve been working on Saturdays, I think I’ll go with strawberry soda this time, despite my inclination to get messed up and cackle at every bad line, every over acted scream, and every hilariously gory death scene. The food is usually harder to conceptualize (and chunky tomato soup is so…boring), and what I landed on this time is rice balls painted like eyes. I’ve just gifted myself with a rice cooker and it makes the best rice in creation, so I thought I would try to do it. The eye decoration fell by the wayside and I’ve just decided to make rice balls because they sound delicious. What I will put in the middle is beyond me at the moment, but I’ve several ideas. Something red? Like biting into some unnamed flesh ball? Who am I kidding? I just want a rice ball with chicken, salmon, or something fun in the middle. Any horror food ideas are more than welcome.

Usually, I do it alone. Nobody seems to want to do this with me, but all my friends know I do it. I made my ex suffer through the marathon with me once and he enjoyed it…but it’s not something he would care to repeat. Am I the only one who loves these movies like this? Am I the only one who does this to myself? I don’t watch them avidly, like I sit there and witness every second. Usually I tune out and sort of treat myself to a greatest hits (essentially amounting to Jason’s Best Kills). The sleeping bag death is, by far, my favorite.

So, tomorrow I will happily be watching the marathon, cooking, drinking overly sweetened bubbly stuff, and entertaining myself. Why not? I won’t have a reason to do this until next year. But…who needs a reason, really? Maybe I should make a day for Nightmare on Elm Street…what would be appropriate? Hmmmm…I’ll figure something out. *evil grin*


~ by Darren Endymion on May 12, 2016.

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