Humans, the Cosmic Joke

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we are the butt of some great big cosmic joke. So much of what we intrinsically like and that is fun (or tastes good) is bad for us. As humans, we were made to like the taste of stuff that’s horrible for us, to want sex (which can kill us), to enjoy being sedentary, to do all sorts of things that are terrible for us. It’s only by force of will and an acquired taste that we train ourselves to do what we should. It’s like we were all terrible karmic assholes on some other planet who were so terrible that we eventually reborn on this planet where all things are backwards, where what feels good is awful and where things are harder to start than to finish.

Think of beginning something that we know to be good for us, like a workout regimen or eating better or writing more or running away to find work at a brothel. Whatever. Why is the beginning so hard? Why is it that we have a saying that anything worth having is worth fighting for? Is Fate so cruel here in Backwardsland, that it puts the greatest challenges and potential for failure at the beginning when we are most fragile?

We are like tender seeds in a field. Hell, all our beginnings are very much like this. These beginnings, these seeds require utmost care — too much water and they will die. Too much sun and they will die. Too much love and they will smother to death. Too much fertilizer and they overload and smell like shit. We have to be tender and gentle and do everything just so with little margin for error, or all our efforts fail and our houses of cards fall to so much disorganized trash.

We have to try and try and try again. Even the things that are good for us. Is it that our bodies are weak? Should we be like Kang from Ninja Turtles, just a brain in a body that we command utterly based on our higher will and knowing what’s good for us?


However, this is the world we live in, this is the plane of existence we have been born into, these are the cards we have been dealt. It is up to us to fight our natures, to strive up that hill, to plant those seeds, and to build that card house — again and again and again if necessary. And then we have to tend to them appropriately. From there, many will die. This is also the part we play in this Universe. We have to try and try and try again. Through this conditioning we become tough and strong…if the beginnings don’t kill us first, or make us give up.

And so I find myself beginning again. For the billionth time. I’m moving those boulders from their ruts. I’m plowing the fields for the seeds. I’m shuffling the cards. It’s hard; it’s difficult for all of us. We do it because we want better lives, we want better for ourselves. We want life to be good. And so we fight against the grain. All of us do.

May we all have good luck. May we all live with ease. May our beginnings be easy and may all our good and true endeavors be fruitful and attainable. We’ll show the Universe for making us a cosmic joke.


~ by Darren Endymion on May 23, 2016.

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