Progress, Goals, and Rapidity

I should have known that if one of my best friends, Merrot S. Faraday, got into the mix, things would change and fast. She is on a mission to GTFO of her situation just like I am trying to bail from mine. I am moving at a very good pace…for me. That is not a good pace for her, however, and she is launching forward to our common destination with me in tow.

She has done this, and she has done it several times before. She has the experience I lack, so whereas I was tiptoeing into the unfamiliar waters of change, this hag has been wading in the pool for decades and has dragged me into the shallows before I could blink. I haven’t screamed and jumped out of the water, but I’m just not as fast.

Why? Because I’m making progress in other areas and work FINALLY isn’t a cesspit of horror and iniquity. It won’t last; I know that. It’s exactly what I wanted — a free space clear of dramatics to get my feet under me and learn to stand again. *splash* Into the Waters of Change I go with Merrot bellowing back at me, “Keep up, bitchface!”

I’ve been writing again, finishing another project, organizing all the writing folders on all my devices, getting re-certified for my work stuff (the ongoing joke is that my day job entails pig-launching, so let’s say that you have to be re-certified every two years to gauge the proper projectiles for the Pork Catapulting), making a list of the stuff I need to do to get ready to move jobs and locations, completing the smaller tasks…and here is Merrot, finding potential apartments for us, scouting the areas around them for access to food and transportation, making sure they are cheap, in good areas, have A/C for the summer months we both hate, and have a washer and dryer in the unit. She’s also applying for several jobs a day.

One thing is clear: I need to be like Merrot. I’m doing good…for me. I need to do better. I’m meeting certain goals, but not some of the big ones. I can’t, in good conscience, stall her forward progress. Selfishly, this is an awesome opportunity. I went from plodding forward at a good pace to having to sprint to keep up with the expert. It’s time to leave the nursery, and I’ll never have a better chance.

So, I’m doing well, but there is work to do. And I’m scared, but excited.

~ by Darren Endymion on June 2, 2016.

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