Drained, Confused, and Fed Up

What the fuck was this weekend? I mean…seriously?!

I tend to avoid current events here, and won’t linger overlong, but…we have this repressed gay douchebag shooting at a gay club and killing 49 people. Now it turns out that he was on gay dating apps and had frequented the club for years. He could have been casing it out all that time (though the length of time he frequented the club frame sort of kicks that theory in the teeth), but the time frames given by the FBI suggests otherwise (presumably since before his marriage to a woman and in the days of MySpace, it would seem). It doesn’t fucking matter why, really. The point is that 49 innocent people are dead because of one person’s hatred — for something within himself or at some outward blooming of irrational loathing. It doesn’t matter.

I try to stay away from stuff like this in my blog, not through selfishness, but because I come here to write and expiate my inner demons and be calm. Also, what can I say, really? I’m beside myself after every horrible incident like this, and I don’t know how much I can really contribute to the discussion. My love and heart goes out to all those affected, directly or indirectly.

My personal life has been a maelstrom this weekend, and I’m just too tired and fed up and mentally exhausted, and personally ripped up over this Orlando incident to do anything significant here. Then all I can think about is that I at least have a life to complain about. Wouldn’t I be better off making that life better? Not even a real question, that.

So…until next time, stay safe and stay happy.


~ by Darren Endymion on June 13, 2016.

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