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I don’t think there’s a very similar feeling to that of making friends with people in your publishing company. I have been inactive writing for some time and the rights to my novel are due to return to me within a month or so. I don’t like it, have no one to blame but myself, lather, rinse, repeat.

Unfortunately, there was a crisis of sorts with the heads of the publisher, or rather a conglomeration of crises, and people were freaking out. While I understand where they were coming from 100%, it was all very presumptive. In fact, it ended up being nothing, but I tried to be a voice of reason to calm everyone down. I did it with my typical rather sick humor and, for some at least, it did the trick. I had several people tell me thanks and that my humor sort of slapped the panic out of them.

From that, relationships grew, and they are ones I really appreciate and am ultimately thankful for.

This prompted me to contact my editor, the wonderful woman who edited the last anthology I was part of (someone who, in the space of 30 pages, taught me more than I have learned since I ever published so much as a sentence). She has been amazing and I wanted to tell her thank you again, and let her know that some of her advice on choosing covers was heeded and infinitely useful in the meantime.

We struck up another conversation in which she told me about a billion things I didn’t know, not the least of which is a possibility of renegotiating a term or two when my novel comes up for contract renewal or discarding. I had no idea I could even DO that. I’m nobody. I’m not hugely popular. Who the hell do I think I am to consider that I might ever be able to negotiate anything other than pleading, “Pleeeeeease keep selling my book! I promise I’ll be a better writer. Please!”? But to renegotiate a new cover with a cohesive theme that can be taken across all four projected books? And a possible re-editing with my editing hero? Really?!?!

And, since I’m apparently a lucky bastard, this lovely woman still agreed to edit my second novel, which is the second in a series. This means more work for her, considering that she was not with the publisher at the time of the original book’s publication, and I therefore did not have the opportunity of working with her on the novel. She will have to do one of two things: agree to re-edit my first novel (should people deem it necessary, plausible, and possible), or read it on her own time so that she can be prepared to work with the ongoing story lines and threads of plot I’m sprinkling throughout. I offered to write a detailed synopsis so that she wouldn’t have to go through all that, but she preferred to read it herself.(?!?!?!)

Is that standard? Do editors DO that? Especially in small publishing houses? I really don’t know, but it left me more grateful for her than I was before and adoring her more than before — a feat I did not think was possible. I’m lucky as hell and I know it.

Since a great deal of my energy is focused on some huge life changes I plan to make within a month or so, I don’t know how much I can do in that time, which I told her. She is still willing to do it. And then she gave me more unsolicited advice and tips and bits of information. She’s also freelance and asked me to spread the word about her, so this is part of it. Feel free to contact me or her at http://www.vampbard.com for details. I will do it again later. And again. And again.

It has been a tumultuous time and will continue like that, but in the end I think I have a good place for now with some damned good people. Sometimes wonderful things can come out of a crisis.


~ by Darren Endymion on June 30, 2016.

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