Catching Up

Several things are being worked out at the moment, and I’m here to tie up those loose threads.

— The ex has weaseled his way back into the place I live, courtesy of my roommate, in what I expect is some one-sided, gay Harold and Maude vibe that I can’t deal with for much longer. My ex is vacillating between being friendly, checking me out when he thinks I’m not looking, and being an outright jerk. No matter what, I’m not sure how anyone would think I’d want to live with my ex. But “it’s only for a month.” My little ass. I need outta here, which leads me to…

— The apartment complex my best friend and I are trying to get into (in another state) appears to have lost our paperwork. What the hell?! They don’t know if it was in transit to the application place, or someone in the office, or what. Photocopy that shit, people! They have been in contact with us, apologetic and accommodating, and we mutually figured that the best way to get over it was to resend all the paperwork. Our potential move in date will be adjusted accordingly. However, in this last bout, I was so focused on sending all the right paperwork that I forgot the check for the application. Called them today, they are fine with it, and we should hear back, at the latest, a week from today. However, they seem pretty sure that we will get in and they are holding the apartment for us.

— I’m still e-mailing my old editor (who is still willing to be my current and future editor). I explained to her some of the things going on, and she gave me all sorts of tips and help. They understand some of the changes I’m looking to make at the moment and told me to just write away and let them know when I’m close. Life intrudes, but if things go well, I’ll be good to write with pretty much NO distractions within about 2-3 weeks. Well, save for the Olympics…

— Which I am obsessed with. I always am. Not normally a sports person, I go insane and record everything. I took gymnastics briefly in college and I was okay. Too much fear. The irony is that I could do a lot of the harder things, but the simple ones I sucked at. However, despite the fact that one of my future husbands, Danell Leyva, didn’t make the men’s team, I am happy with the teams. I tend to watch the women’s gymnastics more, and am happy that Aly and Gabby are back, though I have switched my allegiances to Laurie. She’s adorable! And Simone…well, nobody can touch her. If the move happens in time, I may be watching the Olympics in my new apartment.

— Another thing I may be doing in the new apartment is celebrating what would be my six-thousandth anniversary at my job…without it. My original hire date was early August, and instead of dreading the day and taking it off so I don’t have to deal with the well-intended congratulations, I may be unpacking and watching the Olympics in my new apartment in a new city in a different state. Full circle.

So, I’m waiting on the precipice of change and a new stage of life. I want it over with, or at least to go on a decent, smooth pace. Change is hard enough, thank you. Wish me luck.


~ by Darren Endymion on July 11, 2016.

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