Updates and Ramblings

Today I pretty much have nothing but fun little updates.

— I’m still waiting on the apartment stuff to go through as the window it will take to move grows shorter. When/if it is approved, I will have to put in my two weeks’ notice that day (or the day after if the news comes later in the day).  I will have to pack everything, call the moving company, tell all my friends, buy a plane ticket, and be ready to move within two weeks. Talk about hitting the ground running.

— I have not yet been sucked into Pokémon Go, though I have chosen my starter and been preemptively summoned to team blue, or Team Mystic. It’s what I would have chosen anyway, were I willing to get sucked in. What’s hilarious is all these grown ass men and women at work talking about catching Ghastly and Charmander and Pikachu and the evolution of various levels and stuff. It’s funny that all that playing we all did when we were younger comes back in a moment.

— My supervisor at work just handed me his entire job except for the HR stuff. I’m supposed to do that along with my normal duties, which are too much for one person anyway. And we are going to be moved to another location within the building within another few weeks. What none of them know is that, as discussed above, the moment I get approval for the apartment (gods willing), I will be packing my shit for another reason.

— I’ve started to read The Howling and within the first three pages I realized that, unless that bitch died within another page or so, the setting was totally different. I mean, the ONLY resemblance so far is the main character’s name and that they go away on a vacation for her mental health. It’s good so far, just different. This is on the cusp of me re-reading Stephen King’s Cell and hearing that the movie blew old goat testicles. So, I think I will re-read Burnt Offerings and then watch the movies, which only fleshes out the ending. “Why change the books so much, damn it all?” – the Eternal Cry of the Jaded Geek.

And so here we are.

~ by Darren Endymion on July 14, 2016.

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