Rental Application: A Saga of Incompetence

I so very much wanted to come here tonight and talk about how the apartment in Oregon had approved everything and my friend and I were good to move across states. Unfortunately, the screening company they use has the attention span of a tennis ball and is about as thorough as a crow with ADHD trapped in a jewelry shop.

We got a call that told us we were denied for the apartment.

I asked them why and they gave me several reasons — all but one of which were utterly invalid. Aside from that, it was clear that they did not look at the information we sent and did not do the slightest bit of research.

The screening company denied us because:

There was a credit issue for one of us.

*This is the valid one…and was rectified (with proof!) in less than 24 hours.

*However, my credit score is less than 10 points from 750. This was utterly ignored.

Our jobs are not in Oregon.

*My friend’s two jobs are work at home. She included a letter that stated this. Additionally, the most amateurish search on Google would have told them this fact.

*Mine is not in the state, but I included a bank savings statement, indicating that I had enough money to pay rent there without a job for about a year and a half. Their application indicates that this is more than acceptable. The leasing office did not mention this at all, and in fact seemed surprised when I mentioned that I had included this statement.

They couldn’t verify my recent living situation…because I didn’t include it.

*My current rooming situation is volatile and I was told by the manager that I needed only to provide 2 years of rental history, and definitely not the most current ones — we have an e-mail proving we were told this. I provided 8 years with an actual apartment complex. This was ignored because I purposefully did not provide a number for the most recent one. I caved and gave them the number. Just get us in already.

Everything has been addressed, called out, brought attention to, and rectified. There is literally no fucking reason for them to deny us now. The apartment company’s screening company is making the actual apartment place look like a bunch of chumps.

Please note that the vetting company lost everything, the whole packet of papers, application, and check the first time. This is our second packet which is now on its second go through. There is literally NO reason for them to deny us now, and I think the managers themselves are sick of the process. I think that the screening company will end up getting a letter or two about the experience, as will the main apartment company. The latter needs to know how incompetent the former is…after we get our approval, that is. The people at the apartment complex have been kind, funny, accommodating, and happily answered every single stupid question we have. And then some. They are NOT the problem.

I hope to have better news next week. Wish us luck, because our current living situations are absolute bullshit, as is this process. And yes, we are looking elsewhere. Just in case.


~ by Darren Endymion on July 21, 2016.

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