My Feet are Ready for Kicking. And Walking.

On Friday I got a call from Pam, the woman at the leasing office saying we had been denied again. This is the same woman who “lost” our first paperwork and who has been an asshole the entire way through this process. They claimed job and rental credit were the issues. Clearly, they hadn’t run the information or read anything. Again.

I had my friend and potential roommate call the leasing office. Pam threw all the same excuses at her for us being denied, even though we had jumped through those hoops and set them ablaze. My friend put her foot right in Pam’s ass, who stuttered and spluttered and did not deal with the confrontation well.

I got home and planted my foot right in her ass as well. In the end she said she would send it off again and I asked her who she is sending it to. She said her higher ups. I asked for that number and her superior’s name. She refused to give it to me. I said, “You don’t have a boss?” It went on. She spluttered, stammered, and fled the phone as though Freddy Krueger was on the other end licking at her soul.

I called my old leasing office to see if there was anything I needed to attend to. That manager was happy to hear from me, invited me down to see her, and insisted that I see a vacant apartment, despite my protestations that I could never pay the rent without digging into savings. She said that was fine. We spent some time together, chatted, she showed me the apartment, we ran into some old neighbors, I saw her deal with an escalated issue in a firm yet compassionate and knowledgeable manner, and she earned my respect all over again.

I also picked her brain about rental issues and what happens and all that. At the end of it, we came to several conclusions:

First, this new apartment’s rules are draconian.

Second, with my credit score (742), job and savings history (over $25k), and rental history (one small smudge in 8 years), anyone should rent to me in a heartbeat.

Third, Pam seems shady, and there is likely something else going on. Racism, homophobia, elitism leading her to hate everyone from California, something.

Fourth, in these situations, the background checker has a list of things they look for based on what the owners recommend. They have no real power. If someone is rejected for, say, one late payment in all the history of renting, then the manager sends a recommendation to the owner to raise the deposit for like $100 simply to appease the process. This would almost invariably be accepted for such minor matters.

Fifth — and the most important — if this appeal goes through, is this really the type of environment we want to live in? Do we want to deal with Pam’s salty bullshit for a year or longer? No.

So, we are searching again. None of the other apartments’ criteria are as draconian. Pam called me today while I was napping. I will call her back tomorrow and then write one of several reviews. Review sites won’t help us, but they can help others not bother with this property. And by opening our search, my friend and I are swimming in possibilities. Our real task is to prioritize them. Hard life. So, Pam and her bullshit have made us kick her right in the ass and walk.

And bigger, better things are to come.


~ by Darren Endymion on July 25, 2016.

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