The Prophetic Toe

When I was in the state I hope to move to, on my last full day there I walked to a Thai place nearby. While walking over the threshold, I did something I hadn’t done in some time — I tripped. I hit my right foot on the doorpost, did a painful bandy-legged dance, kicked my right foot into the ground painfully, stumbled to the counter, and rested there, trying to laugh it off.

Returning to my hotel room, I ate and eventually took a shower, where I noticed the damage I had done to my right foot. The nail on my big toe had bent back just above the center and there was a small line of blood under the bend mark. The middle toe, though, was bad. The blackness started on the left side of the toe about one fourth of the way up the nail. The nail itself was almost solid black/red. As I looked at it in horror, wondering if there was a blister underneath and how the hell I would get to it if there was, my mind quieted.

I’ve had this happen before, many times, but mostly in my youth. My adult brain is too cluttered with lists of things to do, mundane inanities, cynicism, not trusting my intuition, and other adult nonsense. It was an intuitive leap. I picture it like jogging through a forest when you emerge into a serene clearing. The birds are silent, the sounds of the forest are on mute, the sun is streaming down, and the only thing you can hear is a gentle wind. Then even that stops. In the center of that utter calmness, something speaks to you, and its voice and confidence are incontrovertible.

I had a moment like that in my hotel bathroom. The voice in my head — which is truthfully the voice of my own intuition — told me, “You will be living here by the time that toenail grows out.” There was no arguing with that voice. I wasn’t sure that I totally believed it, but I filed it away for future reference.

Early this past week, my friend managed to pull me out of my funk and I made a list of all the viable apartments I could find, then put them in order according to their location, amenities, and nearness to the center of the city. On Thursday we picked the first on the list and my friend called.

I applied for a two bedroom/two bath town house style but had a few questions. I talked to a guy there, who sounded gay, but in a cute way. He was all business at first, but then it seemed like he softened up. It was like talking to a girlfriend or someone with whom there was mutual interest.

After I got home from grocery shopping and hastily put away my groceries, I sat down to fill the last form out…and the guy called me. We talked and I said I was just getting home and was getting all the information to him. He called at 4:42. I sent the information right over. By 5:52 I had an approval in my inbox. Yes. THAT fast.

Over the weekend, I signed the lease, set up the utilities, and today I sent off the cashier’s check. To lock in a lower rent, we had to set my move in date as Wednesday, August 3rd. Yes, by Wednesday I could be in my own apartment. It’s all so overwhelming.

So, it’s all coming to an end. My toe was prophetic.

~ by Darren Endymion on August 1, 2016.

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