Sprinting Toward the End

Today was a big day in a very eventful week.

On Monday I told my roommate about my moving. He took it rather well, expressing regret at my leaving. My friend told her roommate (an old, dear friend of mine) who did not take it well. In fact, she dramatically made it all about her in an illogical response to two friends leaving. I get the sadness but not her affected martyrdom and sincerely hope that she gets over her need to be the center of attention with our move.

Yesterday I bought my one way ticket and called my new home to make sure everything was in order. It was. I haggled with the moving company and paid the deposit. I packed a little and ensured that everything is in order.

Today I handed in my resignation at work…sort of. See, I would be happy to keep my job if I was away from all the drama and stupidity of my team. They perpetuate the drama and the hatred. Being away from them and the arbitrary rules there would make the job bearable again. Hell, I might even enjoy it again.

I took my supervisor into a room and told him that I would be leaving in two weeks. I told him that I would be fine keeping my job if I could work from home in another state, fully expecting him to say that wasn’t a possibility at this time. Instead, he said that it was possible, but there was a materials problem, but then found a way around it. He said we might be able to do it, but that it would have to go all the way up the chain.

My supervisor talked to the manager. Our manager accepted the thought and they talked to our director. Our director thought it was a good idea but said that it needed to go up to HER boss, our junior vice president. It’s never been done, simply because of the distance and it could set a precedent that they might have to repeat.

However, a job I was happy to leave just yesterday (though I would definitely miss the paycheck), I may get to take to a place where the cost of living is ridiculously low and I want to be. So…here’s hoping!


~ by Darren Endymion on August 4, 2016.

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