Exhaustion, Elation, and Elevation

Have you ever been wound up so tight that you weren’t even aware of it?  I’m talking about a tension which, when released, exhausts you almost more than your body can handle.

Today I received tremendously good news. I was doing a bunch of things, really setting up for the rest of the day when my supervisor sent me an IM telling me that we needed to go meet with our manager, his boss. When we got in there, our manager completely faked me out. He talked up the difficulties of working from home, and certainly from another state. Then he said, “But we have decided to extend the offer for you to work from home.” I said, “Seriously?! Wow. I didn’t think it would even get past my supervisor!” My manager looked at me, grinned, and said, “You know…if you’re interested.”

We set all the stuff up, I had to sign into the loaner laptop that I will be using until they can get me my official work at home kit. They have to get me a virtual pin number and set up my internet at my new home (they pay for the work connection, but we have to use our own for home internet and cable).

It had to go all the way up to our vice president for approval. Not only that, there’s a possibility that our team will be given to another department, so it had to be cleared with them as well (though I’m not allowed to tell anyone on my team that. The pig launching business is very secretive, apparently). It cleared with everyone, much to my surprise.

So, I thanked out director and then sent a thank you e-mail to our vice president. Our director can take a thank you and turn it into a compliment, which she did, telling me that if I had been a mediocre employee things might have been different. The VP said that it was mutually beneficial and said that I earned it. What was amazing about that is that she is on PTO. I got her out of office response, yet she still took the time to respond to my e-mail. I’m certain that she was responding to vital stuff while on PTO, but I thought that was particularly nice.

We had a team meeting with a scientist (alas, Prince Scientist is long gone, but the scientist they sent to us knew him). When the scientist was done with her presentation, my supervisor walked in and told me that I had the floor. I wasn’t going to be dramatic about it, but I thought, “When am I going to have another opportunity?”

I said, “My last day here will be on the 18th.” There were gasps and exclamations and an appropriate amount of shock. I cackled and told them that I would still be keeping my job, but working from Oregon. They asked a bunch of questions which I answered. As I had discussed with my supervisor and director, I emphasized how many approvals I had to go through to get this taken care of. I’ve had a range of reactions from sadness to happiness for me to jealousy (the latter of which is from the woman who counts herself as my friend, who gave me a ride when my leg was all messed up, and who was passive aggressive with me for so long that she irrevocably damaged our friendship).

I came home and passed out for 4.5 hours. I was exhausted.


~ by Darren Endymion on August 9, 2016.

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