Inspiration Revival

I have always been interested in writing, in pouring my imagination onto page and — the best part — reading it afterward so I can go on the journey I’ve laid out for myself. My childhood and adolescence was papered with half-begun stories and dreams that never got further than a few pages. I got serious-ish in college where I wrote over 20 chapters of a fantasy novel I still think is quite good, but needs a little more depth.

What finally got me to really write and finish something was writing a fan fiction (no, I won’t tell you of what) with my best friend. It was supposed to be something small and fun, maybe 50 pages, or on the outside 50 each for a total of 100. That fell by the wayside and 850 pages later, we are done with the first half…or the first third, depending on how much we do. It has been fun but has been ignored for years. It taught me my writing potential, helped make me better at the craft, taught me time management, and made me realize my potential level of output. It was fun and funny and involved research and was just amazing. My friend and I still talk about it.

Since I have been waiting for a response from my publisher on another matter, I have been going through my sections of that 850 page fan fic monstrosity and fixing the margins/indents, and proofreading for comprehension. It has lit my imagination on fire again.

Add to that the fact that I am away from 90% of the stressors that stopped me from writing before, and I have noticed something. My imagination had soared. It is the phoenix from the ashes. It is flourishing, shimmying, and galloping all over my head.

When I was in California, all I wanted to do was prolong every possible second before going out to the kitchen or front room or bathroom, all in an effort to avoid the mess and my sullen, licentious ex. Furthermore, I wanted to stretch every minute between me and my inevitable return to the office, full of drama, hate, irritation, anger, and frustration — many of the same feelings I had at home. I never got away from it. Misery crowded out my imagination, save for random daydreams that served as an escape.

None of that touches me now. I’m reading more, I’m writing, I like my roommate, I love the area, I loveloveLOVE the weather, I’m away from the work drama which only touches me for bare seconds maybe once every two weeks (instead of for several hours a day), and it has allowed my spirit to thrive. With that comes the desire to write, to create, to do what I can. I am living now, not surviving, and when that happens, my inspiration and creativity rise up like the Great Pumpkin.

I have the answer from my publisher and a lifetime of stories to catch up on writing, and for every one I write, two more replace it. Like Spongebob says, I’m READY!


~ by Darren Endymion on October 4, 2016.

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