Turning This Sucky Halloweentime Around

This Halloween season has sucked.

Al lot of it has to do with expectations. For years I have spent every weekend in September and October with friends, eating, drinking, and watching scary movies. The weather never cooperated because in California there are eight months of summer, and the tail end lasts at least half way into October. Palm trees and the like don’t change colors — the leaves just fall off and tumble into the street in the scorchingly hot Santa Ana winds.

This year, most of my friends are 850 miles away watching movies without me. They are texting me pictures of the blu-ray menus to show me what they are watching. So far I have been sent the title screens for The Amityville Horror, The Fog, Trick ‘r Treat, The Strangers, and Halloween H20, all but one from a list of Halloween “standards” that we watch every year. Unfortunately for me, most of my movies are still packed away in a wall of boxed books, movies, and games. Also putting a damper on my Halloween traditions is the fact that my roommate and best friend, Merrot, isn’t all that enthusiastic when it comes to horror movies.

She likes some, will tolerate others, and is willing to sit in the front room with her headphones in while I watch amazing shit she wants nothing to do with (I’m looking at you, The Conjuring 1 and 2). However, there’s an extreme level of selfishness that comes from watching something your roommate has no interest in — or worse, actively dislikes the idea of — when there’s only one TV in the house (no matter whose TV it is). Not that she’s not accommodating or is selfish with the TV, and I’ve already read her blog post about this very subject.

Watching horror movies is always better with someone else. I’m totally fine watching them alone, but when you have someone who is not interested at all and who is in the room, it feels like selfish imposition. I don’t need her to jump in fear or loathing or disgust or do the wave with me every time Michael Myers kills another person who deserves it (I’m looking at you, Annie), but it has the feeling of…almost of being in a relationship and being ragingly horny while your significant other is accommodating, but is really only doing it for you, going through the motions, lying there bored, and really just waiting for it to be over. It can sort of spoil the mood.

This is the equivalent of that relationship, but amongst friends.

So, we’re locked in this non-battle of courtesy, Merrot and I. However, I have every intention of turning that around. I want to take some of this coming weekend off and totally hog the TV, and I’ve told Merrot of this. We will work it out. With few new friends here, I am determined to enjoy myself, and to make this annoying Halloween season wonderful in this beautiful place — where cold reigns; where the leaves are turning orange, red, and yellow all around me; where the rain and cloudy skies are plentiful, moody, and atmospheric; and where autumn is the way it should be.

I’m gonna turn this son of a bitch season around. You watch me.


~ by Darren Endymion on October 10, 2016.

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