Election Anxiety

Note: I don’t normally do politics (unless they happened hundreds of years ago), but this is too much. I must get it out.

Tomorrow the madness shall end. Tomorrow we will elect the first female president or we will have an angry orange snozzwanger as the leader of this nation.

What scares me the most is that there is potential, however fleeting, that Donald Trump will be elected president of the United States. He’s a bigot, a racist, he has absolutely no plans for the nation, he is triggered by the smallest of things, he promises change without ever knowing what it would take to make those things happen, he’s a misogynist, he brags about assaulting women, he’s insulting, and he’s in all other ways unfit to lead the country. In fact, that rabid chicken hawk shouldn’t lead so much as a dead duck across the road with string and a police escort.

Look, I know that America has its problems. I know that. The irony is that so many of these issues are personified by Trump himself. And the worst of the worst are the ones who are voting for him — uneducated, angry white men, mostly. Regrettably, my own father is one of these Trump supporters, despite having a gay son and a gay daughter. He loves us and we love him, but this decision is something that scares us and makes our skin crawl — something we have learned not to discuss with him. The worst part? My gay uncle supports Trump, too. Poor, confused things.

Most Trump supporters seem to think that, if elected, Trumpy Potter will wave his magic wand and give them better jobs, lighter taxes, and change the US into the mufukin’ Emerald City, only without gays or minorities. In this pipe dream of bigotry, we will all live in emerald-encrusted houses with jeweled furniture on a road not of yellow brick, but rather of solid gold. The slightest look at his financial plans show that only the rich will benefit…namely him.

As a people, as a civilized nation, we have given in to such anger and disappointment and a sense of us and them that we have allowed Trump to rise like a garbage phoenix from a compost heap. While some of us try to evolve and change, Trump and the Republicans who gave rise to him are stuck in the 1950s. No gays, no minorities, no challenge to their need to regress, or at the very least, to stand still.

Watching and listening to Trump, I’m reminded of another time in history. A small, petty man craved power and he knew that the best way to get that power, to turn the population to him, was to use the very astute ploy of giving the people a common enemy to unite them. Unite them under him, of course. He did that, steadily building on preexisting anger and economic inequality, and steadily rose from little more than a joke to a tyrant…and Nazi Germany was born. Germany in the late 1930s was a civilized nation. Nobody thought that they would ever come to that, certainly not to the ghastly, unforgivable ends it did. Yet it happened.

Studying history, we say that this could never happen today. Yet it does. Rwanda. Khmer Rouge. The rhetoric is the same — us against Them. It’s Their fault that everything is terrible. If only They would go away. Gods know that Hillary Clinton has her flaws, but she is sane. She is qualified, sane, intelligent, capable, hard working, and sympathetic. Best of all, she’s not likely to institute a nationwide Hunger Games because someone Tweeted something she didn’t like. I certainly couldn’t compete and I’m positive that I would look awful in a pink wig. I’ll choose sanity over living in District 7, thank you.

I pray and hope with all my being that tomorrow, on Election Day we as a nation say that we will not degrade ourselves and others, that we will fight against bigotry and anger. I think we will. I hope we will. Because the alternative is too dire to think about.

~ by Darren Endymion on November 7, 2016.

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