Why, America?

I was wrong. So much of the country was wrong. We thought that progress and unity would reign and that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. Instead, anger and bigotry won, and our president-elect is a divisive, utterly inexperienced man who won by bigotry and appeals to xenophobia and a sense of self and other. Trump has no experience in politics. It’s like having a bus driver give you a vasectomy.

The irony is that Trump railed against the Electoral College just hours before it handed him the win. You see, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, meaning that by the numbers, more people voted for her than voted for Trump (over 301k). There are several examples, but the Electoral College really screwed us with Florida.


Florida, we’re sick of your shit.

Clearly, this doesn’t seem right. With all the modern technology, it seems absurd that every vote doesn’t count when we can tally them so accurately and so quickly. It’s time to do away with the Electoral College.

What I’m so ashamed of is bigoted white America. I am Caucasian and I would never vote for that man…because I’m not a bigot. Everything about Trump’s campaign runs contrary to common decency, progressive thinking, treating each other like humans rather than obstructions, and basic human respect. I guess I can understand the fear. The country, the whole world, in fact, is changing, and when you’ve been on top for so long, you don’t want to give that up.

Gods forbid you get treated like you have treated others. Let the straight, white, Midwestern or Southern male be treated like a black person and handcuffed or shot at a routine traffic stop, have someone come up to his children and tell them that Trump is president and they have to get out because their skin is brown. Let him be denied the right to see his wife in the hospital simply because he is straight. In fact, tell him that he can’t even have a wife because straight white people aren’t as important as everyone else. Have a huge, muscled man overpower him, drug him, and brutally rape him, then get only a few weeks in jail because it might mess with the rapist’s college experience…when he has ruined part of your life.

— Van Jones said something so striking on CNN that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. He said, “This was a white-lash. This was a white-lash against a changing country.”

— Patton Oswalt said, “Happy 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht Eve!” This was an early Nazi moment when they “cleansed” an area of Jewish schools, synagogues, etc. by burning them down.

— Seth MacFarlane said, “Some didn’t like Bush. Some didn’t like Obama. But this is different. Forget dislike. Many are genuinely fearful now. This is new.”

— Peeta Mellark, Josh Hutcherson said, “As an American if trump is elected… I am deeply sorry. This is not the world I dream of.”

— Sherri Shepherd said, “8 years ago, I kissed my son & cried bc I felt he could be President…now as I kiss him, I am praying my new President won’t harm him”

— Captain America himself, Chris Evans said, “This is an embarrassing night for America. We’ve let a hatemonger lead our great nation. We’ve let a bully set our course. I’m devastated.”

— Paris Jackson showed remarkable insight for someone so young when she said, “…i don’t hate you if you voted for trump…but i would like to point out that if you did, you not only voted against my family, my female friends, my brethren in the lgbtq+ community, me, and other families of different races, you also used your vote to throw our rights away.”

— However, I think Kristin Bell (a.k.a. the voice of Anna in Frozen) best summed up my initial reaction when she said, “Anyone else wanna puke?”

— Finally, Sarah Silverman tweeted out a quote that I agree with internally and that I am trying to cling to. She quoted Anne Frank, and though Anne later died in a concentration camp, put there by people who wanted to kill her just because of who she was, I’m tempted to think that she still felt the same. I want to believe it with all my heart, so I will close with a quote from the Buddha and then with Anne Frank’s words.

— “Hatred will never cease by hatred, but only by love. This is the eternal rule.” — Buddha

— “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” — Anne Frank

~ by Darren Endymion on November 10, 2016.

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