Progress Delayed is Still Progress

Earlier this week I was talking about how relaxing and detoxing from the horrid life I left behind allowed me to really reevaluate what I wanted to do and start doing it. However, it’s now something I want to do rather than something I feel I need to do in order to sort of make my life even out from all the madness. So, I’ve started.

With preparing for the move, moving, settling in, going through all the work changes and personal changes what I was writing was not a refuge, it was a distraction. Then, as mentioned, it became something I wanted to do. It’s not like I’ve been totally without action. I hashed out a new deal with my publisher for a possible re-edit of my first novel, e-mailed with my editor, found the original document, made the last minute changes I had done before I sent it off to be published, and sent it off to my editor. She is doing some stuff now and I’m last on the list, but after that I also get to work with the great new cover artist to get something new, better, and cohesive since I plan to write 3-4 books in this series and would like a theme of sorts. I’ve done what I need to and am now waiting for further word.

However, in order to move on with something new, I needed to reacquaint myself with the material I had written out for the second book — character profiles, synopsis, notes, etc. With all the life changes I’ve been through, I lost some of the finer details of what I intended and they sort of sifted out of my consciousness.

I date everything I write so that if I find two copies in different places, I know which the latest version is. I opened the old character sketches to remind myself of some of the character alterations and where they have been since the first book…and do you know that document was started almost exactly a year ago? A year, a week, and two days, actually.

My first reaction was to get on myself, to mentally berate myself about the lost time and opportunities. Then I stopped that crap. With all the positive life changes I have made, with all the personal work I’ve done, and with all the time and effort it took to dig myself out of the Hole of Misery my life was in, and considering my natural inclination for procrastination I need to congratulate myself if anything. I won’t pretend that this was the best I could have done, but given the circumstances, it was pretty damn good. After all, progress delayed is still progress.

~ by Darren Endymion on November 17, 2016.

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