Back to Basics

Sometimes we need to go back to go forward. Yes, this seems like contradictory offal, but hear me out.

I have mentioned (ad nauseam) that I have had a difficult few years. I learned a lot, but in some ways I feel like I lost more than just the time it took for me to get over those humps. I lost a lot of passion, some of that creative spark that has been present from earliest childhood. Hell, I even lost the desire to make time to read, and now get my books through audio (though I go through at least 50 novels a year this way). This is dangerous territory for a wannabe writer who would like nothing more than to make a living through writing fantasy and modern life with a fantastic twist.

Now that my blood is flowing again, now that I am starting to feel that drive and that passion once more, I still feel somewhat hollow, as if my tribulations have dried that well of wonder and child-like possibility in me. I don’t think this well ever truly dries up, but sometimes we need to do a little work on it — drill deeper, fill the stagnant water with life, line the well with the magic that created it (or at least allowed it to thrive).

Therefore, I am returning to childhood. I am rereading and re-experiencing some of the things that made my imagination what it once was. I’ve mentioned that I have mentally been traveling the yellow brick road lately, but I plan to reread some of my favorite Oz books by L. Frank Baum himself. I’d love to read them all in order and they are so short and with such pretty pictures for my inner child… Whatever. From there I graduated to Narnia. And then to Prydain. And Xanth. And eventually to Hogwarts. I plan to visit all these places again, some more than others (Hogwarts has been desperately asking me to visit, and I’ve put the trip off for over a year. I don’t need a Howler sent to my door so I will be attending soon enough). Some places will only get a one book stay, others will be visited longer, and some I may take up residence in for some months.

In so doing, and in pursuing adult fantasy (Lackey, Martin, Tolkien, Sanderson, and Mistress Vinge spring immediately to mind in no particular order), I hope to replenish that inner well, to allow it to fill up once again. It’s worked before…and if it doesn’t this time for some reason, well, at least I’ll have several wonderful  journeys.

But it will work. And I’m excited to move forward by revisiting my influential past.


~ by Darren Endymion on December 1, 2016.

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