My First Snow Day

Last week it snowed here in Oregon where I now live. Not only did it snow, which only happens four or five times a year where I am, but it SNOWED. It caused freezing rain, slick roads, frozen everything, and even some black ice, all of which are atypical for this region. Several inches of snow covered the ground in something both miraculous and completely foreign to me.

I have been to the snow twice in my life…I think. I know of at least once I can remember vividly, and the other time is more of a suggestion of a memory, like, “Wasn’t there that one time…” but nothing I can conjure a picture of.

For those in real areas with real weather who get this all the time, you can’t really relate all that much unless you were old enough to remember it when you first saw snow. I work at home and sit right next to my window. First there were little spots of whiteness that melted before even hitting the ground, and that came to an abrupt halt. It reminded me of rain in California, where you get a smattering for about an hour or so, and then it’s over. Anything more and the news gleefully blares “Storm Watch 2016!!!” from every media orifice they can get away with.

It snowed a bit more, and then a bit more, and then it was finally fully snowing. The random way the snow floated down was fascinating and beautiful to me. It was almost in elliptical patterns rather than from top to bottom like rain. The wind-blown snow reminded me of some magical dust that laughed at gravity like a certain Witch we have all come to love, sometimes floating upward on a random gust as if determined to defy all laws of physics.

It was beautiful, and something I will look forward to every time it happens.

However, I did need to go to the leasing office to get a package and nearly slipped and ate shit. (My ever-strengthening legs not only jerked me to a stop and held me, they were strong enough to keep me from falling or coming close again.) Something happened in the apartment below mine which caused my water to be turned off for the better part of two days. Turn your water off for two days and see if you don’t feel like a savage, ready to poop in a jar and set fire to a bookshelf for warmth. You feel primitive in a way that makes you glad for every drop of clean water that issues from your pipes, forever and ever, amen.

It’s supposed to snow again this week and some of next and maybe even on Christmas. Assuming my water remains on, I’m excited for this experience. It’s one of the many beautiful things I get to look forward to in my new home.

~ by Darren Endymion on December 12, 2016.

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