7 Writing Rules: #1 Write Every Day

I’m starting to write again and concentrate on the things I need to do to really get back out there and become published again now that my rights have returned to me. So, I have been trolling writing sites for some tips and tricks, and thought I would share them along with my own thoughts.

Here is the original article I will be ripping off: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/7-writing-rules-ignore

The first rule is that you must write every day.

This is true and false. You have to put in the time and write or you’ll never get anywhere. Consistency is also one of the keys to success, because if you spend too much time away from the story’s landscape, you tend to forget where the road is, you can’t remember that restaurant you liked so well, and you don’t remember your neighbors’ names. However, if you spend every Saturday writing all day and you do so consistently, you’re still putting in the hours and the time you need to, though the writing may be cold and stale when you return to it.

Stephen King recommends writing up to six days a week at first, and I can’t really argue with a man so prolific, but I think being a little easier on yourself at first would serve you better. Start with four days, then move up to five. If you think you can handle six and seven, then go for it. It’s also important that you try to write at the same time on those days you do write, because your muse will have to find you, and if you’re in the same place at the same time, it will be all that much easier. To avoid using a metaphor, you will be training your mind and setting up a positive habit, and inspiration will follow.

You should be writing because you want to, and there will be times you aren’t feeling it, but you sit down because the work needs to get done and because there’s no other way to finish it. However, there is no hard and fast rule on how to get that done. You have to do it, but everyone suggests treating it like a job, a routine, something you want to do. If you see it as a chore all the time, you’re either not feeling the project or the process itself. Vary your schedule and work, work, work.

It should be fun, but you shouldn’t treat it lightly. It’s entertaining, but not a game. Above all else, enjoy the work, and don’t fool yourself that it isn’t just that. Only the good time.


~ by Darren Endymion on January 9, 2017.

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