Sporadic Entries: The Revelation

I am very aware that my entries here have been very sporadic at best. Though I sincerely doubt that anyone hangs on my every word, I have some really great readers and I figure I owe you an explanation.

First, I am still adjusting to the move. I lived in California for the first eleventeen years of my life, and now I’m here in Oregon, a place I’ve always wanted to live, one way and another, and I’m trying to adjust. I don’t know many people here, and I work from home, so some of the opportunities I would normally have are limited.

Second, we are still in our busy season at work. We are working our normal 40 hours a week, plus 10-18 hours of mandatory overtime. Fifty to fifty-eight hours a week, usually 6 days a week, is a lot of freakin’ work. It’s not like my job is labor-intensive, and I do have the pleasure of working from home, so there are good and bad parts to it, but I walk away from my computer utterly mind wiped. We have been doing this since late December.

Third, my publisher failed and died, and I am now in receipt of my reversion of rights for my novel and short stories. Since the novel is the first in a proposed series of four, and was previously published, it’s harder to find a home for it. I had started work on the second novel, but now I see an opportunity to edit the first. (In fact, I had just worked out a deal with the owners of my old publisher to reedit it and had actually sent it to my editor when the final supports came crashing down). So, I’m trying to focus on two writing projects at once and that’s not working out.

Fourth, all of my physical issues are still progressing. The things that had issues two years ago are now perfectly fine, but they led to other complications, which led to still others. I believe I know the causes now, and I’m working on fixing them. I just got set up with my new doctor, and I have been referred to physical therapy to address the two remaining issues. I’m in such a great place physically compared to where I was even six months ago, but I’m not 100% better. Honestly, it’s like the Universe and my body are conspiring against me, saying, “Oh yeah? You’re going to get into amazing shape or we are going to make you suffer. Bwahahahaha!” I’m looking at an exercise plan that will potentially give me the hottest body I’ve had since I was 16 and worked out all the time. So, it’s not all bad. Just painful. Honestly, though, my motivation has never been higher to eat better and work out.

That all being said — and there are more pressures I don’t care to discuss just yet — I have had little time to blog…or think…or rest. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight any time soon. So, while I balance all this out, I will be posting once a week, probably on Mondays. If the writing is going well, I may keep it that way and eliminate Thursdays totally. I will let you guys know. If anyone cares, if anyone is still reading this far down, thank you for reading the sob stories, and thanks for your patience. I value you all.

~ by Darren Endymion on February 20, 2017.

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