Downs and Ups of Physical Therapy

Late week on Thursday I started physical therapy. The place is literally a block away and it takes me roughly 5 minutes to clock out of work, leave, walk there, and walk through the doors.

The physical therapist is an older man who runs his own business, and he made nothing but dad-type jokes during my time there. He poked, prodded, pushed, and talked about all sorts of stuff. He had me focusing on my sacroiliac joint, which is essentially the area right above your butt crack. My hips are really tight, and after all the poking and prodding, he felt that right away. When you manipulate that area, it releases the hips in a way that helps my particular problem.

He had me lie on a door stop, you know the little wedges you use to tuck under the door to stop it from closing? Yeah, one of those. And do you know it worked? It was so much easier for me to get up and just walk, something I haven’t been able to do in years. He made makeshift ones for me, and tucked a towel under my legs to elevate them slightly. When combining these two things, it made a huge difference. Since doing that over the last 5 days, I can get up and maneuver better. My body is literally popping into place. I’m not as stiff. He ordered me a belt that does the same thing, which will only cost me about $20. I see the same brand on Amazon for about $60.

Today I got an ultrasound massage, was adjusted, and I got kinesiology tape in the form of an H on my back to pull my shoulders together. I asked if a particular brace would help with my rib pain, the unsightly rib flare, and all that. He suggested another (for $45 less than the one I was looking at), and said we will get to that if needed.

He explained how one problem related and probably led to all the others. He gave me exercises. He made more dad jokes.

All that was great and helped tremendously. However, what he could have known is that last night I was in a terrible place. Terrible. I was so discouraged and lost and angry and sadder than I’ve been in a while. I just KNEW that I would never be pain free, be able to walk right again, cough or sneeze without being in pain, or be able to have the body I want and am finally working for. I knew it. I would have to spend the rest of my life literally and figuratively twisted in pain.

Enter the physical therapist’s front desk helper and assistant. She’s a fit, fantastic woman who glides around the office like she’s on wheels and a cloud. As she was giving me the ultrasound massage and informed me that she has had scoliosis since she was in her 20s. She said that sometimes it all seems hopeless, that you’re never going to get better, but that you shouldn’t get discouraged and give up. It takes time and effort to get back to normal, and in cases like mine, I stand a good change of being better than ever.

It was exactly what I needed. If she can move like that in her 60s, look 10-15 years younger, and glide around like she’s on wheels, all while battling scoliosis for decades, I can do this. I can work out, I can fix myself, and I can be back better than ever.


~ by Darren Endymion on February 28, 2017.

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